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How to choose Medicare Part D Coverage in SC?

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  • How to choose Medicare Part D Coverage in SC?

    How can we determine which Medicare Part D company will give the best coverage for my husband's medication?

    He is a home dialysis patient, started on NxStage portable machine 2/5/07, and we have discovered that the paperwork we filled out at the dialysis clinic only enrolled him in Medicare Part A and Part B. We have no insurance of any kind, so we need to enroll him in Part D but don't know how to figure out which meds he is likely to need in the future and which plan will cover those. I asked the social worker at the clinic and she said to go online to the Medicare site and pick one. There are so many and we don't know which one is better for dialysis patients. We live in Anderson County, SC. Anyone live in SC and know which plan is best for dialysis patients?

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    Humana was automatically given to me when I started dialysis. They have a $1-3 copay on all but one of my meds. They don't cover my renavite, so I have to pay like $20 for it. It's not bad.
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      Compile a list of his drugs. Go to the online site and determine which plan will cover the largest proportion of his drugs the best. Each plan has a different drug formulary. Your pharmacist may be able to help you do this.
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        What they (the Medicare website and the insurance reps) don't tell you is about prior authorizations. My mom is on dialysis and keeps having UTIs. The docs keep prescribing antibiotics and each time the pharmacies tell me that they need prior authorizations. With antibiotics you can't wait. I've been paying out-of-pocket and then it is like 'pulling teeth' to get reimbursed. I'm still shopping for a new Part D plan - Humana has declined to pay many times, even with me filing a complaint with Medicare. Good Luck!