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New to this site, can someone help me understand this?

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  • New to this site, can someone help me understand this?

    I was diagnosed with polymyotosis, dermamyotosis, and Lupus "like" disorder(my PCP doc has told me I have lupus according to blood test results and clinical symptoms, but my RA doc will not confirm it,( even though my ANA titers have been positive). Anyway, I have always had blood in my urine, severe left kidney pain, and protein on and off in my urine. I had a kidney biopsey done, because I was afraid the lupus had affected my organs, about a year ago. The last 5 eGFR blood test I have done, show me between a 50-59. I spoke with my nephrologist, and she said I have nothing to worry about, but because of all my other symptoms, I'm worried. I have been in constant severe pain ever since then, and just received the biopsey report. Can you please explain these results to me, because she(nephrologist), did not go into detail, and she said there is no reason for me to keep seeing her. Her diagnosis was

    Mild Arterial and Arteriolar Nephrosclerosis:

    Under Immunofluorescene microscopy:
    Mesangial regions stain for IgA 2+, IgM 2+, kappa and lambda were both 1+.............The walls of arterioles stain for C3 4+........Tubular casts stain for IgA 4+, kappa and lambda were both 2+. My IgG was 8.0. Also, my Antistreptolysin o AB was over 200.

    Microscopic findings:Tubular atrophy with interstitial fibrosis. Arteries have intimal fibrosis, and arterioles have muscular hypertrophy and hyalinization.

    Electron microscopy show out of 14 glomeruli, 5 are globally scerotic, and the remainder have capillary wall wrinkling.

    Can someone please explain these to me?