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my one year old needs a kidney transplant

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  • my one year old needs a kidney transplant

    My one year old daughter Riley mcCracken was born with stage 5 kidney failure, she was born weighing in at 5lb 8oz and would not eat, it was the best plan to have her transported to childrens hospital of central california I was informed when riley was 3 days old she only had 1 kidney a few days later they tried another test to discover both kidneys barely functioning. Every day seemed to be set back after set back, I was told my daughter would need dialysis when she was only 1 week old if she did not improve. Seeing my daughter being poked with needles and hooked up to machines makes you feel helpless. After a few days riley began to eat more and eventually her creatine level stabalized along with her blood pressure enough for her to go home. Riley has been up and down since she came home. Losing weight, being re- admitted to the hospital for infections. Due to her kidney function riley takes numerous medications. Riley goes in for checkups once or twice a month at childrens hospital I was informed on 10-24-11 that she will be needing a kidney transplant when she is 22lbs. Her left kidney is not functioning anymore Riley currently weights 17 pounds. Riley is a very happy child no matter what is happening around her she is always smiling. I am a single mother who would do anything for her daughter, I am willing to donate one of my kidneys if i am a match for my daughter to enjoy her life, she will be having her surgery at standford hospital in CA as of right now she is stage 3 kidney failure with 40% function of right kidney, does anyone have any advice on how i can handle the stress of waiting till she has her transplant? also since she is so young riley is on a low pottasium diet do you have any recommendations on what she can eat? she has an egg allergy too.

    thank you everyone

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    Re: my one year old needs a kidney transplant


    My heart goes out to you!! Bless her little heart, I pray that you will be match for your little girl. As a parent of 3 grown children, I know the helplessness you can feel when there is not a whole lot you can do for them to make it better. As for handling the stress I guess the best advice I can give you is, tiny baby steps, one minute, one hour, one day at a time. Everyday that passes is another day closer to transplant and another say to enjoy that little baby with the smiles and love she gives you. Take care hun, we are here for you.


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      Re: my one year old needs a kidney transplant


      I don't even know what to say or how to say how sorry I am to hear your precious baby has endured so much in her short existance.

      She sounds like a very tough cookie, just like her Mamma.

      Lucille Packard is a great Children's hospital.
      My nephew was there in the mid 90's (for fluid in his lungs) and was treated with so much TLC.

      Many prayers and hugs to you both!!!
      I received the GIFT OF LIFE on Nov 9, 2010 thanks to my wonderful donor Laura and her family!


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        I am sending up prayers your and your child.


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          So sorry to hear this.
          I am praying for you and your child.