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Anxious about upcoming doc appt.

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  • Anxious about upcoming doc appt.

    Two weeks ago I was given a diagnosis of CKD stage 3. Needless to say I've had all sorts of emotions over this. My nephrologist orderd a ton of tests to determine if there are any underlying causes and to give me my "numbers." The only thing I know at this point is my GFR is 28. I'm also a diabetic - have been most of my life.

    Anyway, can anyone tell me what I can expect on my second visit - the one that reveals all the lab/blood tests? What are "numbers?" And should I take my husband along to help me hear what the doctor tells me? I just don't know what to expect and how I may react.

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    Re: Anxious about upcoming doc appt.

    Welcome to the forum BlueRidgeGal. It is a very good idea to take your husband with you to your next appointment. He can help remember what is being discussed. Also always ask for copies of your labs. They will be fairly easy to read showing anything that is high or low. You might write down questions and concerns you have before seeing your Neph. The other thing I would discuss is diet. A renal dietician can help you customize a diet that is right for you which will be based on your lab work. And since your diabetic I think it's a good idea to simplify meal planning as much as possible. It is overwhelming when you are first diagnosed. You can expect this feeling to get better in time as you have a chance to process everything. Let us know how things go ok? And feel free to share and ask any questions you might have.

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      Re: Anxious about upcoming doc appt.

      Welcome to the forum. I was where you are 1 year ago. I felt that my world had came crashing down. But the people here helped me to see that it hadn't and that I could still have a life. As Tonia said you need to watch your diet and since you are a diabetic need to see a dietician. Try and learn all you can about CKD. Take it slow and steady and it does get better and easier with time. It is a good idea to take someone with you on your doctors's visit. They may remember more and ask questions you wouldn't remember.
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