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  • Help my brother get better

    Hi, I have a brother on stage 5 kidney failure he has been on dialysis for about 5 years now he does pd in home. Its been really stressful for me reason hes a very stuborn man, let me tell you alittle something about him he is 40 years old he lives with me and my family hes a very very lazy person we all understand he is sick but he does not do anything to help his self like i cook the food that he is suppose to eat accourding to his nurse he refuse to eat, i understand he is use to eating that greasy mexican food we grew up with but i am a chef and well i cook a viriety of food and he does not like it, he does not groom his self he does not take showers, even though his nurse tells him hes suppose to at lease everyother day, he sits in the couch all day doesnt do anything, his nurse tells him things he is not suppose to eat or take he still does it, im at the point to where i do not know what to do anymore i myself have a 2 year old who need all my attention, and its just getting to dificult for me. I talk to him and tell him he needs to do more for himself go out take walks outside, we cant tell him things because he says he gets sicks just by us telling him what he has to do,he doesnt want to get in the transplant list I just dont know what else to do or tell him. Please i would like some advice Thank you for reading this. Rosi

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    Re: Help my brother get better

    First off welcome to this site! I am sorry to hear about your brother. Has your brother ever been seen for depression? It may be that he isn't showering or taking care of himself because he is depressed. Also remember to take care of yourself. with having a little one you have a lot on your plate and need to find time for you whatever that may be. It could be as simple as going for a walk and getting some fresh air. Is there anyone else that
    could help you with your brother? This would also give you the time you need with your little one or just have a few moments for yourself.


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      Re: Help my brother get better

      One day, you will look back on all this, rbe, and say to yourself, "Where did that time go with my little one?" Now is the time you need to be putting your full concentration in to your son. He is the one who needs to be nurtured and guided, and not left aside with his first memories sensing frustration because of dear ole uncle and his refusal to be a man. I am really sorry about your brother; he is depressed and needs some guidance from a professional. You cannot be that for him, or apparently he's not letting you influence that part of his life. You are doing what you can for him; preparing him meals that are good for him is the best you can do. Fix what you fix, offer it to him, and let him choose to do with it what he wishes. As for your little boy...he's your first priority!! If you need to get out with your son, do it and get him away from as much of the negative influence as possible. Visit a relative and air your mind; get a grip on where your priorities end with your brother and where they begin with your son. You certainly are a sweetheart for being so concerned. Keep doing the best you can and leave it. Don't "join" in with your brother in getting depressed. Your son deserves a whole Mama!
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