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  • Not sure of #'s

    My niece claims that she is in Kidney failure. She says that her Bilirubin is 433.32 and her Creatinine is at 23.2. Those numbers seem to be high to me and I know nothing about K.F. Wouldn't she not be peeing ? She does go about 6-8 times a day. She says it is cloudy. I just don't know rather to believe her that they are failing. I would love to be there for her and be supportive but I don't want to support something that is not true. She said that she started taking meds about 6 months ago and the doctor waited for the 6 months to retest her to see if they were working. Could someone please tell me what this all means? Would she actually be dieing with numbers that high? Thanks for any info you can share with me.

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    Re: Not sure of #'s

    Bilirubin is liver numbers. A kidney profile would be "BUN" (not bilirubin). #433 would be off the charts for BUN, I know that. I was off the chart at 89 two years ago. I'm around BUN #40 now at stage 4. It could be that your neice is 43.3???

    Creatinine number of 23.2 seems unbelievably high and I'd say that she'd definitely be in kidney failure with that number. My creatinine is 2. something at stage 4, almost stage 5. Maybe your neice is 2.32?

    My father who was in kidney failure at 8% GFR still voided quite often and his was very cloudy and bubbly. So, it's quite possible that your neice is where she says she is in kidney failure--might have her numbers mixed up--but might not. I'm not a professional.

    Regardless, it's always good to err on the side of being supportive than to not. You apparently have thoughts of not trusting something about her, maybe because of past history. You can't go wrong in being genuinely who YOU are whether she's genuinuely not who she should be. Share with her some recipes from this site, and send her notes of encouragement. As toxins build up in her system, there's a good chance that her personality will change a bit (testiness, etc). Encourage her to listen to her doctor and heed their advice.

    Best wishes, Auntie!
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      Re: Not sure of #'s

      your wise to use your instinct about your niece seems if her kidneys were that far gone even with her extremely unrealistic quoted numbers her neph would be checking on her much more often than 6 months they usually recheck every 6 months with stable CKD at stage 3 or less
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        Re: Not sure of #'s

        Yes those numbers seem really out of range. I'm wondering if she got them mixed up? Anyone in kidney failure would be on a special diet, is she doing that? Also someone that far advanced wouldn't be seeing a neph every 6 months, too much could happen in that amount of time before visits.

        I agree with I am blessed's statement about the high level of toxins causing 'testiness'. LOL Love that word IAB. My boyfriend is in stage 5. His Bun last week was 96 and he was a bit on the crazy side. I mean that will all sincerity, he was acting like a completely different person. I even posted a thread here about it because honestly I thought he had lost his mind. Fortunately with dialysis happening now, he seems more normal.

        I urge you to talk to your niece and be there for her. Oh and yes she can still likely produce urine, at stage 5 her kidneys just can't clean all the yuck out. Has she talked about dialysis? She should be choosing a method soon and getting ready for the surgery.
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