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    take care of my husband who had a stroke it will be three yrs that I have been taking care of him,I left the state I was in for a new start,but it seems like when I left all hell broke a loose, my mom is in a wheelchair an people come an pick her up just to get money an give her pain pills,but it is killing her she is in complete renal failer,an I keep tell myself if I bring her out here then I know she would be able to take her meds an go to her appt. an she is not doing what she is suppose to where she is at now,you know my mom use to tell me I could not save the world (smile) it feels good to talk to you (smile) most of the time I am listening to church music crying to myself (smile) I hope I posted my thread to meet some more nice people who understand what you'r going through thanks my new friend.

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    Re: Child Standing Alone

    I know how frustrating this can be. My husband is disabled as well, we have three sons and all my family is in Oklahoma while I am way across the country in Virginia. If moving your mother closer is an option, I would do it. I know my stress levels would go down considerably if my mother were closer. At some point, we all have to "mother" our mothers

    in center hemo dialysis since May 2009
    Sudden ESRD - non diabetic (but have 2 at home)
    turned down for list "lack of support" WHAT!!! starting over at different transplant center)