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    I am jealous it's that warm there. It was beautiful day here too but not warn enough to hang laundry outside. We still are expecting snow tomorrow!


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      Hi Speedy
      I love the smell of sheets outside and after last weekends snow and these two beautiful days, I just had to hang the towels and sheets out.
      I had a jacket on but it smelled like spring. Sorry about the snow. YUK we have had enough of that. It is to rain
      today but that is so much better than snow.

      Have a Happy Easter and take something from today that will help you each day. God is so good. This season and Christmas is my favorite
      holidays because of the meaning of each and the food we eat is my favorite.


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        You 1 are not putting your family through anything. You are the one going through it they will be sharing with you. This is not the end of the world sugar there are so many ways to combat the kidney problems. I have been on PD for two years and have worked the entire time minus the two weeks to get healed up from surgery. Like everyone else has said there is support here in droves.
        Yes it is very scary at first but you can do this Davita will help you do all the filing you need to do the have a great support staff and they will take care of you. You will have to see if you can or want to do Hemo or Pd Either one can be done at home and you can still work so don't worry about that. Your husband will support and help you through all of this.

        Remember you can always talk to us here and This Is Not The End Of The World, It Will Be Alright I Promise...... If you need anything just ask. Keep us up to date on your progress please.


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          Do anyone here install some security cameras or have any other devices that really help you when you have any problem with you like attack or any other thing.Because i listen that there is carpet alarm than triggered and the other people know that you fall due to some attack or other reason.Do you use any devices like that?