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    We are having terrible experience with dialysis. My Nanay filipino word for Mom), 78 years old has just started dialysis for a month now. She was on emergency with a catheter on the neck. The first catheter got infected, had chills, and so many problems. We went to the Manila Kidney Institute and had the catheter re-inserted. A couple of weeks after, a gortex was done on her. Up to now, she is having too much discomfort. Most of the time, after dialysis, she's vegetable, no appetite and sometimes has pain in the stomach. She gets 3x dialysis on which we think the intervals are too close. One on Sat at 6:30p.m. next on Monday at 4:40a.m. and Wed. on 4:30a.m.
    Oftentimes, she begs to die, refuses to take her medicines because of the discomfort and weakness she feels. Tho, we noticed that eversince she had the dialysis, her mind became sharper, the sense of smell and taste is so picky and sharp. She seldoms urinates now, and has to pooh after food intake. Are these normal for dialysis patient? These are the things our doctors are not keen about. Will these go away.
    Please, we need som words of encouragement as the whole family who still sees our Nanay as the head and wisdom of it all is on the berge of collapsing.
    Thank you so much for your insights.

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    First, the dialysis schedule is appropriate. Three times a week. Some on home dialysis do it every day. Many on dialysis no longer urinate. It sounds like she still has a lot of toxins in the blood - loss of appetite, nausea - but that will improve with treatment. The infection probably is part of it as well. Are there any plans to do a fistula or AV Graft? You get better dialysis than with a catheter. It's important she follow her renal diet and takes her medication. She will improve if she does.


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      Thanks so much for your reply. We are coping on a day to day basis. She has an AV graft done for three weeks now, which has added to her burden, the swollen arm and pain. During and after dialysis she is always on a restless leg syndrome. Doctors tried to give her soothing medicines like neurontin but only had side effect like she'll sleep for three days. First she had water in her lungs but was taken by dialysis, there's also water in her heart but doctors are hopeful that this as well will be pulled by dialysis.
      Again, from my heart thank you.


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        It is pretty normal in the beginning of dialysis to have problems like those you describe in your grandmother. She has the added complications of recent access surgery and the infection. Are they able to use the AV graft access yet? They usually take a little while to mature. The swelling in her arm should go down, but it may take a bit of time. For the restless legs, ask your dr. about Lyrica. For me, it worked better than neurontin and wasn't as sedating. God Bless and keep us posted.
        To the stars through difficulty!


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          With a graft they are quicker to be used. Fistulas have to mature. When a new graft is put in they usually have to wait for the swelling to go down so they can feel where the graft is. Usually only takes a couple of weeks.