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  • Mariska Hargitay!!

    who helps me cope with my illness? why none other than the star of SVU herself, Mariska Hargitay and my favorite person, actress and role model. Her selflessness and kindness toward total strangers has helped me through some hard times. And recently, through make-a-wish, i was able to meet mariska, and she is 100% true and kind. She's even written me a few encouraging emails since. Sometimes i don't think I could get through with out her guidance, even though most of the time its just the fact that she does SO much for everyone, so many of them who have never known her, it just gets you so inspired and you realize life is so great and there;s so much worse things that could happen that people couldn't ever understand. Yes she is a celebrity, but she is one like no other. She cares so much for her fans and admirers. She is totally devoted to them, her fellow SVU actors, and of course her husband and little baby August. He is ADORABLE!!!
    I recomend to anyone and everyone to look into Mariska Hargitay if you are ever feeling in need of inspiration. you can google search her or go to her website: I guarantee you that you will have found a new role model and inspiration.

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    Re: Mariska Hargitay!!

    Thanks so much for sharing that experience !! I'm also a big fan of Mariska and will definitely check out her website. Keep on keeping on, ok?