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My ruff begging to happy life

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  • My ruff begging to happy life

    I have been here 7 yrs in chico ca. When i first came here i thought my life was over. Than on top of everything my husband of 37 yrs left me, for a younger woman. I was with him sence i was 14 yrs old. He was my only support at the time. I sobbed here at dialysis for months. I was ready to have nature take its course and stop all treatment. I was all alone. In a new town my kids were all gone, mom died yr before. Thanksgiving i was going to be alone. God did what he needed he had my sister come up from reno nv. She moved in with me. Kept me alive gave me hope and soon i found myself laughing and i realized i had no stress. My ex was neg and brang me down because i was tiered and unable to take care of him. Now i only had me to worrie about. My moms inheartance came at the perfect time. I bought my own home and began detaching from my past life. Everything was new to me. I had never lived on my own and was not able to make decisions. I gave my ex all my power. Now i gave it to me. I came to dialysis but was sudden overcome with happyness. I looked at my life and the problems that had taken me to a undescovered places. I bought my first set of tires and was excited. I began laughing at everything good and bad. I keep humor to cope with my heard ships. I have been on a happy run from the time divorce was final till now. Keeping the humor keep me feeling good and positive. I found that I could keep that humor as a coping mechanism. Its been working any time i get to longing for my ex. Hes no longer my keeper and controler. I dont even know him any more. I dont like who he is, and how he just walked out on me. He forgot the vows of sickness and health. He has gotto his karma he had to have prostraight removed so his cheatin days are over. Hes got to live with the pain of what he done do to me. Im so happy in my life. I know who i am i love me. Im a good person whos honest and i love most ppl. Im passionate about life. I do thd best i can too be a example to others on staying happy no matter what happens in life. If god is givng me a new lession on life or showing someone else this way. I know i did not fail my ex he failed me when i needed him most. He left me to die alone and i didnt do that so now every month he wrights me a alimoney ck for rest of my life. What sweet revenge. He has to think of me rest of our lifes lol. IM SEEING A GREAT GUY. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY. HE HAS GIVEN ME A DOZEN ROSSES HE LOVES ME AS I AM. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED SO WELLGOD GIVES ME STRENGTH AND HUMOR TO OVER,COME ANYTHING THAT LIFE THROWS AT ME. You can too! God Bless you all
    Dianna l williams
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    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Great story. Keep Living Life to the fullest!!!!!!