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Ways to cope with the disease

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  • Ways to cope with the disease

    I am on stage 4 CKD and I went from a rapid decrease in GFR from 43 to 26, it was 43 in June and almost two weeks ago it went down to 26 seeing my nephrologist from blood and urine lab results of a week earlier. I did take good care of myself in following the renal diet, exercising, and following other orders of the nephrologist, but I still had a major decrease in GFR in little time. I can still raise my GFR, though, but here is how I help with coping on CKD and what helps me cope with the disease:
    - family support
    - knowing I am not alone in kidney disease
    - I'm Catholic so I pray
    - walk around my neighborhood when I can
    - read
    - write in a diary
    - surf the Internet, whether for CKD or other stuff
    - word searches
    - exercise in other stuff
    - realize how strong I am
    - listen to my favorite music
    - take this illness one day at a time as now I am not sure what the future holds for me
    - be thankful for all my blessings
    - spend time with my loved ones
    - do stuff around the house
    - know that I am better off than some other people still
    - continue to live life and be happy
    - be an optimist no matter what

    I cope with this disease well despite newly diagnosed with it and has only been six months since diagnosis. I'm 24 years old with no one in my family with kidney disease and did feel sad at first thinking it was the end of the world but now I've learned well that it's possible to still have a fulfilling life with chronic kidney disease. I can make it through CKD. I continue to do what I love from before CKD diagnosis. Many people feel depressed at first especially if having no family or friends who get that they have kidney disease and having other coexisting health conditions. The key is to look at the positive side and seek help if needed. It's possible to still live well and enjoy life with CKD even on dialysis. I manage to stay an optimist no matter what. These pieces of advice should help others with kidney disease cope especially the newly diagnosed, those who are depressed, those who either have no or few family members and friends able to help, those whose family and friends don't get what the CKD patient is going through, and those with CKD and other coexisting medical conditions.

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    Get a dog and go to the dog park daily