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Diabetes and stages of CKD

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  • Diabetes and stages of CKD

    Okay, I am not diabetic, but I do know diabetes is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease. I am on stage 3 CKD, GFR of 43, but I just found out on some article that stage 4 CKD is due to diabetes. However, doesn't diabetes come if a person is diabetic regardless of the stage of CKD they're in? I've known a couple of people gotten to kidney failure at stage 5 but they're not diabetic. I've tested good in my sugar, and have been told by my doctors that I don't have diabetes. My cause for CKD is my high protein in the urine, and since about February, high blood pressure. I haven't been told to even be on pre-diabetes.

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    You don't have to have diabetes to have CKD. I don't have diabetes. There are other ways to get CKD. Taking to many NSAIDS. High blood pressure. There are also unknown causes. If you are not diabetic you won't become diabetic.


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      Stage 4 just means you are in stage 4 of kidney failure it has nothing to do with diabetes. The leading cause of CKD is diabetes. They do not go hand in hand . I have stage 3 to 4 and mine is from a very rare auto-immune kidney disease. Some people are born with one kidney or have to have one removed for some reason and they can quickly loose function in the other one and be in stage 4 kidney failure. you can read on this website about the different stages and on the national kidney website about some of the causes of CKD. Good Luck.


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        I am pre-diabetic and diagnosed at stage 3b, however the reason for the CKD is organic, and could be possible pre-diabetes may have contributed.