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  • "Poems, Quotes, and/or Affirmations"

    Hi Folks,
    I thought we could start a thread were we post any kind of poems, quotes or affirmations any of us use or live by. Here's one to get us started:

    "When tears come, I breath deeply and rest, I know I am swimming in a hallowed stream where many have gone before. I an not alone, crazy or having a nervous breakdown.... My Heart is at work my souls is awake."

    (Mary Margaret, Funk in Thoughts Matter: The practice of spiritual life)

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    more affirmations

    I acknowledge that I have a purpose.
    My life is too worthy
    To be led away from
    My loving grasp
    I'm a powerful individual
    Who matters in the most unique ways.
    My presence creates a vast difference
    In the movements of life.
    Everyone and everything around me
    Is affected by my strength of will.
    I acknowledge my right to hold my head up
    Above the rough waters
    And ride life's waves
    With the lightness and laughter
    Of a dolphin's smile.


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      To our health

      Following are power affirmations you can use to help heal, regenerate, and regenerate your body - and foster radiant health.

      * I am perfectly healthy in body, mind and spirit.
      * I am well, I am whole, and I am strong and healthy.
      * I am healthy, and full of energy and vitality.
      * All the cells of my body are daily bathed in the perfection of my divine being.
      * I am healthy, happy and radiant.
      * I radiate good health.
      * My body is a safe and pleasurable place for me to be.
      * My sleep is relaxed and refreshing.
      * I have all the energy I need to accomplish my goals and to fulfill my desires.
      * God's love heals me and makes me whole.
      * My body is healed, restored and filled with energy.


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        My day my way

        often we're so busy to make any time for ourselves in the hectic life we lead. Take a few "ME" moments and say this affirmation:

        I am committed
        To reconnecting with me
        I promise to give myself
        Love and care
        As I go through my day
        I will comfort and protect myself
        The best way that I know how.
        I won't ignore myself
        As I tend to the needs of others.
        I am aware that I am my best ally.
        It is my right
        to feel the sand between my toes,
        Dig my hands in the earth's goodness,
        And walk with the sun smiling at me
        Now and always

        ( This affirmation was taken from "The healing handbook" by Jodi Levy)
        I received the GIFT OF LIFE on Nov 9, 2010 thanks to my wonderful donor Laura and her family!


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          Thank you! I love those!

          One of my favourite quotes is:

          Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.


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            I hope people still look at this because I need help...quick. I got my husband a corny Christmas present, a plush kidney, and I need some kind of quote or poem or something to put in his card to go along with it. Something more than... I cant give you one of my kidneys right now so I hope you'll settle for this. Thats not catchy and Im not very creative so I need help. Thanks!!