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Hello, new here and a little concerned

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  • Hello, new here and a little concerned

    Hello everyone. At the beginning of January I had to change Family doctors due to a change in insurance. The new doctor ran a full panel the first week of January. The last week of February I get a very rushed call form the doctor's office saying I needed more bloodwork ASAP. Here are my serum creanitine levels: 1st week of January 1.05; 1st week of March 1.12. My doctor was a little unprofessional in the way he said the second result was "much worse" than he expected. So that means I went from a GFR of 59 to 56 in 8 weeks (total loss of 3%). I am scheduled for an ultrasound of my kidneys tomorrow afternoon, and I am trying to get an appointment with the nephrologist. I am worried and I am trying to stay positive, but mathematically speaking I am losing about 1/2% function every week. Is it normally hard to get in to see a nephrologist? I know the doctor has my info, but they said the nurse has to review it and determine how serious my situation is. Any advice or encouragement will be greatly appreciated.

    Oh, and I am 33 and of Native American and Caucasian origin.

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    Re: Hello, new here and a little concerned

    1.12 is in the normal range, it is a little on the high side, but you could have been a little dehydrated or had a meat type meal in your system. The numbers do tend to be rangy. Personally my creatinine is 1.9. It goes back and forth from about 1.7 to 1.9 and once it was as high as 2.0. Enjoy your life.


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      Re: Hello, new here and a little concerned

      Gary's right, creatinine can vary day to day, based on fluids and diet. It can be difficult to get into a nephrologist. My first visit I needed a referral, although my insurance did not require it, the nephrology group did. The doc. said that all kinds of people are trying to get in!
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        I will take 1.12 any time