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    Hello, Just sent you an email and had not read your post on the forum. You are so right about the primary care doctor. I also have had lots of back problems and had taken naprosin for many years on a pretty regular basis. That plus the diabetes is no doubt what has stressed my kidneys.

    I must look up Emma. I know I have seen signs on 1-70 and seems that it is near Columbia. Thanks for posting to me and hope to keep in touch, Nan


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      Naprosyn (sp) is what I took for my back also. Emma is one mile south of I-70 and is half way between Kansas City and Columbia. My Neph is in Kansas City and that is where I will have my transplant on May 21st. I will have the surgery at Research Medical Center.


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        In March I saw an ENT and he prescribed the 3rd course of antibiotics for that month--for a chronic sinus infection. He also prescribed Naproxin which I purchased. I brought it home and read the info that came with it and told my family I was NOT taking it.

        The next week, in the hospital with kidney failure from dehydration because of all the antibiotics, one of the first questions the neph asked was, "Have you taken Aleve (naproxin)." I told her I'd bought it but refused to take it after reading the info. She was very pleased I'd done that.

        What if I had taken it? Would I ever get off dialysis as they are now projecting? Tuesday they cut my time to 3 hours, and if I do well, they are dropping me to 2 days a week and hopefully stopping altogether for the time being. My creatinine clearance last week was 23%, so I know in time I may be on it permanently, but hopefully not before my hubby retires. It is just too hard for him while he is working.

        I guess what I'm trying to say amidst my rambling is, each person has to educate themselves to protect their lives. Docs, as good as they are, are not always doing the right thing for YOU. All of you stay healthy!
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          Cassie and schnurse

          Cassie, This post makes me smile and warms my heart. I do hope this means you will not have to stay on DY. Flip posted above that miracles do happen and this sounds like you are recieving a miracle.

          Schnurse, Research is a good hospital. My daughter has a friend whose kidneys failed in her early twenties due to a strep infection while in College. She received a kidney from her brother and went on to have twin boys....The boys are now eleven and she is still doing well. She made the national news.

          I will remember you on the day of surgery and add a special prayer for GOD to hold you in his loving arms and keep you safe. Nan


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            GFR, Creatinine fluctuations....

            Nanny .. My son recently went to the E.R during the middle of the night for blood in his urine. He had a stone in one kidney and was then diagnosed with PKD. What I wanted you to know is that yes, GFR and Creatinine, etc.... can not only fluctuate from month to month, it can fluctuate from day to day. My son was dehydrated when he arrived at the E.R and his creatinine was 1.6 and his GFR was 79. Three days later, he was properly hydrated and his creatinine was .9 or less than 1, and his GFR was 110. I too have had my GFR go up a couple of points and down a couple of points. What is more significant is longer term trends. Diet, I am finding, is extraordinarily important for care of the kidneys....and as my Neph...says, sodium readings in your diet is an indication of how quickly your function can fall... Sodium only enters thru the mouth and the higher your sodium count the more salt you consume and the more salt we consume the faster you can figure your kidneys will fail. This is only one indicator...I hope things go well for you. Keep thinking positively. Blessings to you.


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              Good Morning and thank you for the reply. The folks here on this site know as much about kidneys as any doctor I have talked with. It amazes me how well each person here has educated themselves and is able to advise those of us just getting into this. It helps SO MUCH....I have saved all my lab reports for many years and my creatinine would rise and fall, just as you told me. But the last three months, it is steadly rising. Going from 1.16 to 1.24 to 1.35. One bright hope is that I was not watching my diet closely in that 3 month period and now I am writing down and keeping track of EVERYTHING. Will see the Neph on June 19th and hopefully will know what I am up against. Just Knowing will settle some of my anxiety. Pray you are doing well and keep in touch. Nan


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                I'm right where you are, new to this and trying to figure out all pts to food ect . Just hope I can do this, fear helps me to keep going.i'll kep reading this post in hope to learn more. we can both do this. This site is the only place I've been able to get good information. All in good time. God bless


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                  Hello I am really new to my kidney disease and do not know what level or stage I am in. I am getting listed for transplant now. How do I figure out what stage I am in?