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  • Missing food in Database

    How is it that nutritional yeast is not included in the food database? It is so commonly included as a substitute in cheese recipes, plus it has a high mineral content. So it's critical to have easy access to nutritional info. Nutritional yeast contains ~124mg Potassium per Tablespoon. I haven't located Phosphorus content.
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    Hi MaoMiaow, thank you for reaching out! You can find the phosphorus content of food items in the Food Analyzer, part of the DaVita Diet Helper: I'd also recommend reaching out to your local dietitian regarding any specific questions as everyone's needs are different. Thank you!


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      I use Bragg Nutritional yeast and they told me in an email - 1 Tablespoon Potassium 60 mg & Phosphorus 55 mg. I know it's different for each brand, so I don't know if that's much help. I just Google foods and use that for the nutrition values. The food analyzer doesn't usually have what I'm looking for.


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        If you cannot find what you want to look up using the food analyzer then I would suggest using the USDA food database.