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  • Shopping for Low Sodium / Brands


    I was wondering if there is a link or thread or place with information that makes shopping easier as far as brands or grocery items people have found with no or low sodium?

    I seem to wander aimlessly around the market, reading labels for over an hour, and besides the produce section come home with little.

    Is there an area on the DaVita site that covers brands/and sauces/ condiments/ etc with low sodium to make looking at the store a bit quicker! or a store that has a larger selection of low sodium products.


    PS... the planning and tracking is working wonderful for us! Now if I could just get some low sodium shopping list as a go to!! I do mainly shop in the produce section, rice, pastas.. but I am in need of some switch ups or ingredients to add to meals.

    Mary Ann

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    Hi beachwalkmm, Usually the low sodium items are mixed in with the other items so they are found all over the store. To further complicate things, some low-sodium products are lower that others---and some have potassium chloride added, which make the potassium content much higher. Read the DaVita article "Guide to Low-Sodium Foods for the Kidney Diet" for some great suggestions that will help make shopping easier. You can also use the Diet Helper Planner & Tracker to look up items and see the sodium content before going to the store. Once you plan each item it will appear on the Diet Helper Shopping List.