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    I'm forced to live with Type 2 Diabetes, AND Stage 3 CKD (GFR 57). I'm struggling with SEVERAL aspects of trying to manage both death-provoking diseases... that basically contradict each other. What's good for one, is deathly dangerous for the other. Seems I can't win. ​I love to drink green tea, and flavored waters. But I'm not talking about the carbonated waters with a hint of lemon, etc.. I like the Clear American water beverage from Walmart. it says that it has no sodium or carbs in it, but something related to Phosphorus in the very small print..... for..... freshness.... For my CKD, I'm told that I need to stay AWAY from Phosphorus... but I'm not sure if this is a harmful amount....

    Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated.

    ​PS: I'm new to the site, and am not sure how I can get notifications of when someone replies... If you know that.... I would appreciate the share as well.

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    Hi maiahsdad! Check out my response to your last post here: I hope that helps!


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      Phosphorus is in just about everything we normally consume on a daily basis. Meats have the highest levels of Phosphorus, Vegetables, fruit's and nuts also seem to have high levels of phosphorus. Grains seem to have lowe phosphorus levels. Since recently having Renal Disease, I have kept my phosphorus and potassium levels low and consume more grains like rice and quinoa in my diet. My lab results show this is working for me. Also no sodium on my diet. I cook most of my daily meals without salt. Once in a while I would use low sodium soy sauce diluted with 50% water bringing the sodium level down to approx. 150mg compared to over 1,000mg in conventional soy sauce. With this lifestyle change diet I am keeping my ideal dry weight without really dieting.
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