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    I am not sure if this has already been addressed in another post. I am trying to find a good nutrition scale that will give me information I need to maintain my CDK diet. Can anyone give me advice on a good scale?

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    Hi Vinard57, that's a great question! Have you used the DaVita Diet Helper: It helps you plan and track kidney-friendly meals that adhere to your daily nutrition targets, like potassium and phosphorus. The Food Analyzer is also a great tool to help you find the potassium and phosphorus levels of various food items: I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any questions!


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      I am using the diet and plan tracker and doing well with it. But I have trouble estimating ounces as in meats.

      Would a nutritional scale do that?

      This is all new to me!


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        Hi Beachwalkmm, Yes, a food scale will help you determine the accurate amount of meat. Always weigh or measure after the meat has been cooked. It's a good idea to weigh meat until you have a good idea about the correct portion. Then you may want to switch to one of these quick guestimate methods: one ounce portion is approximately 1/4 cup; 1 ounce cheese = a pair of dice, 3 oz meat/fish/poultry = size of a checkbook, computer mouse or deck of cards; or you can use your hand as a guide. An average size hand palm = about 3 ounces, thumb = about 1 ounce.