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Vegan Renal and Gout Recipes

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  • Vegan Renal and Gout Recipes

    I am interested in recipes that are Vegan, Renal and Gout friendly. This is particularly difficult because there are so many limitations. I have invented a half dozen recipes myself. It is a challenge to keep meals new and creative. Anyone with recipes for these specific dietary restrictions who wants to share is exceptionally welcome!

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    I would like know about your current recipes for gout,I have problems with gout and have a hard time with what food to eat.
    I thank you for your time.


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      my husband suffers from gout and is in dialysis, he takes meds for gout but I have made zucchini spaghetti with a protein and cherry halves (old wives tale cherries help gout don't know for sure-no scientific data). Use a mandolin or any devise that will make long shreds of zucchini, quickly and I do mean quickly blanch the zucchini in boiling water, set aside a (quick dip a minute or so, you don't want slimy zucchini). Next use chicken strips/cubes or tofu cubes and saute them in olive oil and crushed garlic (about 2 pieces of garlic) and I use salt free seasoning on everything. When the chicken strips are cooked/browned or the tofu is browned set aside put the zucchini spaghetti and cherry halves in the skillet that the protein was cooked in, if you have to add a bit more olive oil in to saute zucchini and cherries and add lemon juice to taste, I add 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice and lemon zest from one lemon (have this ready before you put the zucchini in the skillet) I have added as much as a 1/2 cup of juice) add the protein quickly toss and serve. If you like creamyness add a few tablespoons of cream cheese to the zucchini and cherries then add the protein. You can add steamed broccoli to the zucchini and cherry saute', sprinkle a Bit of parmesan on top for a saltiness if it is on your diet. you can use more garlic if you love garlic, you can use other protiens, strips of salmon, or just use more veggies. let me know how you like it. This recipe is very adaptable use your imagination it just gets better.


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        Would love to get some of your recipes for gout. I have flare ups quite often now with my kidney disease and have been trying to keep to a diet that would help keep the flare ups from coming so often. I take medicine but I know that a diet is very helpful to keep this disease at bay.