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Leafy Greens and the Kidney Diet

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  • Leafy Greens and the Kidney Diet

    Q: What leafy vegetables are acceptable on a kidney dialysis diet?

    A: Great question! Some leafy greens are higher in potassium so you have to be careful with portion sizes with some types. Generally all leafy lettuce greens are considered to be low potassium as well as collard greens, mustard greens and raw spinach. High potassium sources (avoid or limit) would include beet greens, cooked spinach, and swiss chard. The table below is taken from and can give you an idea of portion sizes to stick with. Generally, you should have no more than 200-300 mg of potassium from your serving of leafy greens.

    Salad Greens Portion Potassium (mg)
    Arugula 1 cup 74
    Butterhead 1 cup 131
    Endive 1 cup 158
    Green leaf 1 cup 70
    Iceberg 1 cup 102
    Looseleaf 1 cup 108
    Red leaf 1 cup 52
    Romaine 1 cup 116
    Watercress 1 cup 112
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