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  • New to the diet, will this work...

    My son had a radical kidney removal in April of this year(2017). According to his wife he is supposed to be on a strict renal diet. I only saw it briefly months ago but it was basically low protein, extremely low sodium and low potassium I believe. She told me tonight he can’t eat things like spinach and very little chicken. Would this diet, the DaVita diet work for him? He still has one good kidney. He’s not on dialysis his numbers are good regarding functioning. I’m not asking for a medical opinion, just ideas of things to stretch his limited menu.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Drink Water!!!! Like your life depends on it!! Before ending up on end stage renal disease, I was into water & veggies, that, alone;according to the doctor,gave my kidneys 3-4yrs of extra life. Eat protein! But good protein. Pretty much become your Own Personal Dietitian. & doctor too,if you can! You,doctor,dietitian,etc need to work as a basketball/baseball/soccer team & work together and communicate well together for the team to score and Win! No one is smarter or better or more intelligent than the other, We all need one another to better ourselves or become better. Start educating yourself on diet from Mexican to american to exotic foods. What has phosphorus,potassium,sodium,etc. And start strengthening your bones & your heart with your diet. I eat spinach,(on dialysis) but a small bowl of it.(baby bowl size). Everything in excess is always bad! Portion control is a Must! Once you learn how to do that and how you body works & what it needs to function,you do good! Any other help,I'm happy to help!
    (Btw,14yrs on dialysis)


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      Hello Wathant. I have been following this DaVita diet for a couple of months now and I won't know until January if it did any good, but I don't believe they would put the recipes up on this site if they were harmful to us. I can tell you though that if you go to 3 different places for answers you will get 3 different answers. My nephrologist told me to eat mostly fruits and vegetables and drink water; but not ALL fruits and vegetables. Needless-to-say, I was hungry a good deal of the time. He also said NO TOMATOES. So once I found this site and checked out the recipes, guess what? A LOT of them contain tomatoes and pasta, which was another no-no. Then I went online and got a list of low potassium, low phosporus foods and it was different than the other two. In MY opinion it would be safe to use these recipes, but check with your sons nephrologist or look at his diet again. i eat a lot of chicken and some beef and pork too. Good luck. oh by the way, I only have 1 kidney too and it's only operating at 24% right now.