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Easy low protein foods / shakes?

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  • Easy low protein foods / shakes?

    Hey there,
    My sister's kidneys are at 47%. She's recently been told she's diabetic, but hasn't yet seen a dietitian which I think is a crime! She's disabled with spinal issues and can barely get around. I have studied nutrition, but more on the sports side of things, so I'm not really familiar with good choices for low protein and potassium. Are there any easy powdered whole meal shakes that are low protein that you can think of? I only know of the "protein BROtein protein!" shakes. What about commercially available ready to eat or powdered soups? These tend to be high in sodium. How about puddings or yogurt? I'm thinking if she stays away from the high sugar and greek yogurts, she might be ok to keep her yogurt for breakfast. Am I wrong there?
    I really wish I could give her some of the great smoothie recipes I know of, but I know she won't be able to operate a blender or "cook" anything. About the best I can hope for is a BlenderBottle full of powders for her to shake, or a can she can pop open. Every protein powder or meal replacement powder I've looked at seems to have kind of a high protein level, or has tons of worthless corn syrup and sugars filled in.
    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

    As a side note, I really hope she gets an appointment with a dietitian soon and that I can go with her.


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    Hi, I'm really sorry about your sister's situation and hope you can find some help for her on this site. Re foods & drinks, it just isn't the potassium and protein, we are concerned with phosphorous also. If you look at some of the "headlines", there is an awful lot of good information that can inform you of the ins & outs of a renal diet.

    Re protein drinks, that is a good question and I hope someone will respond with a definitive answer. There are many sugar free, lower protein drink mixes (Optimum One), check around and I wish your sister well.

    You are very caring to take the time to learn for her, I'm sure she appreciates it.


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      Yeah, I'm finding out about the phosphorous part as well. I think there are WAY too many numbers to balance here, and I need to go to one of her appointments with her - preferably one where she actually talks to a dietician. This is too important to leave to chance.
      Man, and I thought balancing macros for a ketogenic diet were a pain!




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        I am new to diet and am at 27%. Have read a lot off diff sites. pudding and yogurt are no's. I nave been waiting for a month now for dietitian to call me. Have called back even. So on my own for now. This site and the recipes have been great. I was a 22 but dr. took me off calcium pill. changed me to 27. Read Read Read. Educate you and her. Wish someone would have told me too and I was never advised about diet until month ago. Hoping to move backward from stage 4 to stage 3.


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          I'm not even sure if this is something we can have, but have you checked into Ensure or Boost or one of those breakfast drinks? I used to have to drink them right after my cancer surgery. They come in an easy open bottle and I left mine on the cupboard as I don't like real cold food. As I said, I don't know if they are something we can have, but I know they make those drinks for diabetics too. Good luck to both of you and bless you for caring.