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  • Dining Out On Dialysis

    I am giving a presentation at the AAKP national meeting in Vegas about Dining out with Dialysis. What are some questions that come to mind when you are getting ready to dine out? Are you asking about salt free? Are you wondering about substitutions? Thanks in advance, it will help me make a better presentation.

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    Hello Matheaford,

    Although I am an HHD patient, my advice will not provide the universal answers that you seek. By virtue of my 5X week HHD treatments that include 2 ea. nocturnal treatments of 7 to 8 hours each and 3 ea. daily treatment of 2 to 3 hours, I can practically eat anything I want and my hemodialysis treatments will pull enough of the undesireable substances from my blood to prevent any short term or long term issues. I do purposely avoid processed meats and chocolate, which are viciously high in phosphorus. I will not drink beverages that contain phosphoric acic, e.g. Colas and other dark sodas. I've consumed plenty of potatoes, fruits and other vegetables that are high in potassium, without any ill effect.

    I can "get away" with all of this dietary liberation because of my 5X weekly treatments. An individual who is treating in center 3X weekly, doesn't get anywhere near the same amount or frequency of hemodialysis that I do. As such, they would have to observe a far stricter kidney diet - minimization of sodium, phosphorus and potassium. My weekly treatment plan generally includes off days of Friday and Saturday, and while my diet can remain liberal, there are limits and if I "overdo it", I can start to experience mild itching come Saturday afternoon or evening. If the itching gets too bad, I can always throw in a treatment on Saturday or Sunday morning (instead of evening) to get things back to normal.


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      Thanks for your feedback. It's great when people can be on home hemo or on PD to make the dialysis process easier and liberalize the diet. I appreciate you taking a moment to share.