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  • Eating out with Friends

    I have just been diagnosed with Stage 3 Kidney Disease. All new to me. We are going to dinner with friends at a resturant not of our choosing. is a Steak House. Any suggestions on what do order? any tips for eating out?

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    Welcome! Just put "dining out" in the search box on this site for a great start to helping you determine best choices.
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      I,too, have recently been diag. Stage 3. Is diet really important if you are not on dialysis? Like to what extent from 1 to10


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        Six months ago my GFR was 54 - had labs done last week and GFR is now 67, higher than it's been in 6 years. I attribute this to following the kidney diet guidelines for the last 6 months. Previously, I ate alot of potatoes, tomatoes, salty food, etc. Now I cook from scratch - no salt, lots of herbs and spices, potatoes only if they've been leached, etc. I limit my protein and watch my potassium and phosphorus intake. All my numbers are better than the last few years and the phosphorus is actually a little on the low side so will increase cheese which I had almost eliminated and which I love.


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          There will be lots of choices on the menu, just don't hesitate to ask the chef to tweak them a bit for you. For example, if it comes with potatoes, ask if you can have rice or a pasta side instead. (pasta with olive oil/herbs, not tomato sauce) If the steak comes slathered in sauce, just scrape most of it off, or ask for it on the side. Or order fish or chicken (usually offered at steak houses) if it's prepared in a suitable fashion. (i.e. not slathered with cheese, salt-loaded coating or tomato sauce). If you ARE on a potassium restricted diet, I have found that spaghetti with a couple tablspooons of sauce still tastes pretty good, rather than omitting it from your diet altogether. I tried making special sauces, but ulitmately found it a better trade off to enjoy the regular flavours, just with a greatly reduced amount of sauce. (sauce on the side when at a restaurant)