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Nearing fistula surgery

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  • Nearing fistula surgery

    I have history of slow declining kidney function, I'm at 20 GFR, 2.6 creatinine. The rule for insertion of a fistula according to my doctor is at 20 GFR. However, some of my transplant physicians recommend waiting until I'm at about 17 GFR. Any opinions concurrent or differing from experiences with your physicians?

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    Re: Nearing fistula surgery

    Hi Native Miamian,

    This is not medical advice but only my opinion. I had first been instructed to get fistula at about 17% I'm thinking.. Even at that number my nephrologist said he would NOT put me on dialysis but wanted to have me prepared. But I had no symptoms of kidney failure and had been following the diet etc.. I chose NOT to get fistula and I switched nephrologists and hospitals once I was about 14%.

    The other hospital told me I should not worry about getting a fistula and instead try to get a transplant first especially since I was still not showing any symptoms. I could always do PD if I started showing symptoms suddenly they said. A lot less prep time for that, they said.

    So, I went through all the testing for transplant and did not get any surgery for dialysis and did not take any dialsyis at all. I remained symptomless up to 9% where it turned out my husband was a match. I had the transplant 6 weeks ago and i've been blessed. My advice would be - dont rush to fistula or dialysis until or unless you have any physical symptoms.
    Again, I am not a doctor and everyone is different, and I would have done differenlty myself IF I had any failure symptoms. But since you said your failing 'slowly' anyways... I would consider this.

    God Bless,
    Today oct 11th.Still no dialysis -and at 9% GFR,
    think i'm gonna make it!!!

    Diagnosed 2005 CKD3.
    Benign Glomulersclerosis- not hereditary, no known cause
    Non-diabetic, normal BP
    Hospital error 2008 caused me to plummet straight to CKD5
    07/2011 -CKD 5 -GFR 11 - Not on Dialysis
    Awaiting transplant, doing eval, hoping for live donor match