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    I am Stage four, talking to transplant Doctors. and just got put on a INTENSE diet potassium, phosphorus, and sodium. Basically everything I eat. I have always been a very picky eater... I mostly ate junk food, chips, candy, Bean&cheese burritos EVERYDAY (no joke) that was it. I NEVER ate meat, fruit or veges... my body just knew! but now... I CANT EAT ANYTHING.... I find myself going through the day not eating simply because its too hard to find "appropriate" food to in fact eat. I take the allotted "naughty" foods I am allowed to eat in a day, and STUFF it into one REALLY YUMMY GOOD MEAL. and then I eat candy and popsciles.... so basically I only eat lunch. I am actually being really good on this diet... i think?....accept I am a bird, and people constantly ask me why I am not eating. its embarassing.. and being in College... not drinking or partaking in college shenanigans...hard enough. MY QUESTION IS... WHAT CAN WE EAT THAT IS GOOD> cereal... and English muffins.... thats all I have really found. I am starving sometimes, but so scared to eat because I dont want to die. lol crazy.... ok that was my rant.... any comments?

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    Re: Diet&College, DONT MIX

    Hi TooYoungTooSick....your rant was great...a regular essay fit!

    But seriously, the renal diet IS tough. It is very hard to find "convenience" foods that are not on the "no-no" list. But, keep after it. You are young and have a chance to put off dialysis for while longer. Please...please...please think about everything you eat and whether it's worth it. If my husband had paid more attention to his lifestyle and what he ate, we might not have gotten to this point for several more years.

    Wishing you the best!
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      Re: Diet&College, DONT MIX

      Hi TooYoungTooSick!! I know what you're going through!!! It's very tough!! My doctor has given me more list of what I can't eat than what I can!!! And it's not easy on may family either because I do the grocery shopping and I don't buy what I can't eat because if it's in the house I will eat it!! It's getting a little easier...being on this diet and actually working out a little I've lost almost 20 pounds, which in turn has helped my high bp. I can only imagine how hard it must be to be in college and have to be on this darn diet!! I have a 13 year old at home and he likes his junk food from time to time so we treat ourselves to something good on Sundays our "treat day"!! But I must say it has been very helful eating correctly my gfr has actually improved since eating the right foods so it looks like I will be able to put off dyalisis for a while!!! Hopefully for years!! I haven't meant with a dietitian yet but have done a lot of research on line and talking to the doctor. My first few shopping trips took about 2 times what it normally could because I am learing to read the back of EVERYTHING!! which is a pain but it's getting much quicker now. And my weight loss and gfr increasing is motivation to keep it up!!! The best of luck to you!!!!


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        Re: Diet&College, DONT MIX

        any suggestions on what to eat... what sauce do you put on pasta?


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          Re: Diet&College, DONT MIX

          One good suggestion for pasta is melted butter/margarine and garlic (or other herbs).
          Another suggestion is onions, peppers and/or other veggies (yellow squash, zucchini, for example) sauteed in olive oil.

          Regarding prior post for foods to eat, there are so many. You just have to become familiar with them - and it most likely will be a change over one's usual intake.

          "Tool around" the website and others (Cooking for David, for example) for other suggestions.
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            Re: Diet&College, DONT MIX

            Once you start the diet, after a while you don't miss the junk. Fresh fruits and veggies are a good start. Giant sells steamer bags with are no salt veggies. Fresh fruits such as Motts sliced apples, tangerines, pineapple, mandarin oranges are also best for you. Get away from using premade marinates. I simply use black pepper on my steak, Mrs. Dash for chicken and fish. Get with a dietitian if possible.

            Again, once you stick to the diet, you won't want any of the junk food because once you eat it, you'll question yourself as to why. Believe me, I haven't eaten OUT in so many years that one month I ordered some chinese food with my sister and to me, it tasted horrible. Yeah...stay away from the take out places and eat fresh.

            With regards to your pasta, I found a pasta sauce (can't remember the name right off) that is 2/3rds less in sodium than your regular pasta sauce. You simply put 2 tablespoons on your pasta and mix it about. Sodium is only like 120 mgs per 2 tablespoons. I can't remember the potassium level though. It's an off brand that Giant sells.


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              Re: Diet&College, DONT MIX

              I use salsa on pasta. I also eat Gardein which is a meat sub. and a great source of protein. Since I am on Hemo dialysis(started 11/5/09) and about to start PD it is important to find a variety of things to eat that won't kill me and still give me energy.
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                Re: Diet&College, DONT MIX

                I know exactly how you feel. I had a friend in college who was on dialysis. I could never understand why he would not come over when we had parties. I did not drink and our parties were all strictly non-alcoholic. Finally, one day he admitted he was on a special diet because of the dialysis. I really wish now that I had taken the time to learn more about his diet and tried harder to include him in our parties.
                You can stll eat many things that you love by adjusting the recipes. Here on this website there are tons of recipes. If you eat in the cafeteria,speak to the cafe manager. She may be able to help you with your diet. I know that they made special lunches on our campus for the vegetarians, diabectis and they may be able to "hook you up."

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                  Re: Diet&College, DONT MIX

                  This post is all speculation on my part, and based on logic I have come up with. I dont know if Im right or wrong but its how I think of it as I just went thru being stage 4 to 5 over the past 6 months.

                  It sounds like youre pretty far along so I wonder how much anything will really hurt you at this point. I assume you get labs drawn every few weeks? Have your doctor tell you what your phosphorus, potassium, and sodium numbers and see what he/she thinks you need to cut back on. Logically, eating these foods isnt "bad" for you, the only actual harm you will cause is if the levels of them in your bloodstream get out of control. Your kidneys are being killed by CKD, not food. Sodium really just has an effect on your blood pressure more than anything, Its certainly important, but if you have high blood pressure youre probably on medication anyways.

                  For me I could basically eat whatever I wanted and up until about 15% kidney function my numbers never went much above normal. Im still unsure how if at all this effected the progression of my failure. I feel like the harder I tried the worse my numbers got so I just kept it at a happy medium of being healthy and not hating my life. Im sure other people on here will tell you not to follow my advice, and maybe you shouldnt. To me it comes down to a careful mix of how you feel physically, what your numbers are, and risk/benefit.

                  As for what to eat... Breakfast foods are usually really good if you err on the sweet side. French toast, dutch babies (if you dont know what that is look it up, SUPER GOOD), high fiber oatmeal, cereal with rice milk, eggs and any variation they present, etc. For dinner I usually just take a protein, vegetable, and grain, cook them all seperately and eat. Basic items: chicken breast, ultra lean ground turkey, rice, pasta, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, peppers, carrots. BUTTER. Butter is awesome because it adds tons of deliciousness and even with full salt content its only got like 90mg of sodium per tablespoon. You can add a lot of flavor (especially salty flavor) with a tablespoon of butter. Id say more than anything else, just stay away from the big stuff, the major contributors. No potatoes, tomatoes, avocados, bananas, beans, or dairy. That will keep you decent for potassium and phosphorus.
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