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  • Great experience at restaurant

    We went out to dinner tonight. I just started my "2 grams of salt per day" diet. We haven't never eatten at this place, so didn't know what it was like. It specializes in Columbian food, and today is Columbia's Independance Day! They had a band and were celebrating by having a buffet tonight.

    There were foods on the menu that I've never eatten before, yucca for one, plantains green or sweet, cactus, and very different kinds of salsa and so many really yummy sounding dishes. One of the things which had a Columbian name of course, the waiter explained was basicly sweet corn bread stufed with white cheese. I didn't order that but it sounds good. I figured it would be loaded with salt. I didn't have a clue as to what some of the foods were, let alone sodium content!

    I had to ask the waiter about which items would be the most salt free. He helped me choose and the chief did the tilapah without any salt and the salad dressing, a mango, olive oil and vinegar was always made fresh without salt. He told me the Chilian black beans that were included with this entree would be salty, as would be the yucca. He offered that the fried sweet plantains would be a better pick.

    Now that was service with a smile! I was so surprised at how much he helped, and I have to say it was the best food I've eatten in a restaurant.

    "Pricey" I thought we were just going to Sonics! I'm glad I read some of the information about eatting out here, before we went there. I would never have asked about the salt content and just would have hoped I'd pick something myself that was okay. Thank you so much for your forum about eatting out. You made me brave enough to help myself

    Wonder if that is what it's like to be Oprah and have a personal chief?

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    Re: Great experience at restaurant

    Sounds like a neat restaurant!
    I like to eat out a lot and usually places that are not chains will make stuff espcially for you I find.

    There is an Indian restaurant I like in my city they have a Naan bread wrap sandwich, so instead of a pita or other flat bread they make their bread while you wait and cook it in a clay oven with fire,then they add vegetables and a sauce or else you can have tandori or grilled chicken breast.
    It is around $7 for the sandwich alone but is enough for lunch and dinner for 1 person as it is so stuffing.

    Their bread is so good you could just eat that by itself (I actually bought 4 pieces of bread to put in my freezer to try and make a pizza or something else with).


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      Re: Great experience at restaurant

      Just curious...what's the restuarant, if you wouldn't mind sharing. We go to Ottawa once in a while, and are always looking for a good restaurant, and Indian is our favourite. Thanks.


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        Looks like an great restaurant, hope that the taste would also be great
        narguile chicha | Acheter chicha | Acheter narguile


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          maybe it is really a great restaurant. But people with kidney problem should better eat at home. because when eating outside, it is difficult to control the nutrition you need and don't need. so keep this great memory but eating at home usually,please.


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            We went to Olive Garden tonight, in Medford Oregon, because it's my husbands favorite, and he deserved a treat. I asked the waiter which dish he'd recommend, because I was on a salt restricted diet. He sent the manager, Mike to our table. Mike sat down and shared a sheet with me that is a printout of the nutritional value of each of their dishes. We decided that the salmon dish, without the usual glaze would be great for me, and he'd give me broccoli instead of mashed potatoes. I had the Olive Garden salad, without the dressing, and had oil and balsamic vinegar, instead. Are only half, so I'm well within protein limits and salt for the day. Added oil, and lemon juice, and some pepper to veggies, and they were yummy. What a SWEET experience! The manager must ingest the glaze!!


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              Hi Fancyds, thank you so much for sharing! It's wonderful to hear that you had a great time out. Have you seen our latest kidney-friendly cookbook? The recipes are focused on restaurant favorite dishes that you can make at home - and that are, of course, kidney-friendly! You can download it for free here:

              Have a great rest of your week!