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    Re: Newcomer

    Hi Jeni, chefnancy is now sitting at the right hand side of God, but there are many, many folks that have experience with fistulas and dialysis and will chime in to answer your questions.


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      Re: Newcomer

      I wouldn't click on any links from a member who has never posted before because it could be spam. Just a precaution as this member hasn't introduced themselves or anything.

      Originally posted by giggs1434 View Post
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      • Peritoneal Dialysis = 4 yrs
      • Hemo Dialysis (in center) = 2 yrs
      • 2 kidney transplants = 1990 - 2001 & 2007 to present


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        yeah, all links are not trustworthy
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          "Stage 5" is almost wholly defined by your GFR number, yet the GFR blood test is notoriously inaccurate and subjective (my number is predicated on me being 'caucasian', yet I have a large amount of 'native american' ancestry, so that may be why...), but the 24 hour filtration test always gives me a better number. I have also improved my GFR number through a limited version of the 'low protein diet', although I really don't see any reason to go extreme yet. I will change my protein intake just enough to keep my GFR above 15, and attempt to remain living a more-or-less regular life otherwise.