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    Re: Questions about diet

    here's another site for renal patients, they give low protein diet sample meals
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      Re: Questions about diet

      Originally posted by pierrat View Post
      Hi quilter, If your really interested in the recipes I use, please send me an email and Ill let you know. I'm a bit reluctant to give them out because they are rather plain and boring "i think" as most are just entree's with few to no side dishes. As I cook just for myself, i dont like using alot of pans, lol

      davita has a nice set of recipe cards that are free if you order them, but there usually too time consuming for me to bother but maybe not for you. Goodluck on your esrd too, hope your feeling better every day
      I would like the recipes, if you don't mind sending them. I am new and have been unable to understand this diet, muchless follow it. I understand about the leafey green vegies and bright orange, also know some about the potassium but I find that real hard to stick to. The potassium is one of my biggest problem according to my blood work,with sodium not far behind..
      e-mail address is ete540@windstream