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Dining Out, Not ON Dialysis

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  • Dining Out, Not ON Dialysis

    Does anyone know what foods are best with someone with chronic kidney disease and what restaurants are best to go too? I have liver and kidney damage and am waiting for 14 results to find out what stage I am in. I have had chronic kidney disease for 3 years.

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    Really until you know your numbers it is hard to say. If you are stage one you really don't have restrictions. Stage three you would start to possibly restrict protein and eat kidney friendly fruits and veggies. I would say in general you should avoid most restaurants. There is not one better than the other. All are high in sodium at the least. If you eat at a restaurant you want to try for the least amount of sodium and kidney friendly foods. At minimum keep your sodium down to 1500-2000mg a day(which is hard to do if you eat out) and then wait for the test results to gauge the rest. Good Luck