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Severe Diarrehia

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    Re: Severe Diarrehia

    I have problems with severe diarrhea during dialysis. I take several kodeine pills everyday to try to counteract this. Nothing helps.
    But last week I got so sick of it I started to experiment with my treatment to try to figure out if there was nothing that could eliviate my problems.
    And I tried to run isolated UF in the beginning of my treatment instead. So all the excess fluids that I have when starting the dialysis process I remove this way, and only the fluid that I drink during treatment is withdrawn during the standard hemodialysis phace.

    So far (3 treatments) this have been very effective. One warning though, if this helps, remember that you (patient) will gain in weight and the UF amount has to be adjusted accordingly.

    I will post again next week , when another few tretments have passed, hopefully without diarrhea.

    Update; Another four or five treatments later and the earlier so prevalent diarrhea seems to be gone.


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      i never had diarrhea while doing PD. But now that i've switched to HHD. I have it all the time. Very aggravating but i find that , for now, the imodim seems to help.