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  • Caretaker of a CKD Patient

    I need help. I am the care taker for my husband who is a newly diagnosed CKD patient on dialysis and I am having a hard time creating a meal plan that might work for him. I have been looking in the recipe section of this website and they have a lot to choose from. But some of the ones that I would pick include milk or half and half. I thought kidney patients were not suppose to have dairy? Any help for this newbie is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hi Adriennemdill, Check out the DaVita Diet Helper meal planning tool ( It contains meal plans with recipes and menus based on the level or protein and potassium from your husband's diet prescription.

    Have you met with the dialysis center dietitian yet? They will provide a meal plan and help with diet education as well as meal ideas. As for the milk, most dialysis patients can include 4 ounces a day. Discuss this with the dietitian as it is individualized for each patient based on lab results and appetite.