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    I am probably just venting here, but maybe someone can explain why the food processors are allowed to leave off the potassium levels of their foods. According to everything I read black eyed peas and other dried beans/peas or canned are very high in potassium, yet they do not list that potassium on their labels. How can they be allowed to do this with so many kidney patients out there trying to read labels and buy wisely?
    I actually called the customer service line of one company to ask about pot. levels. The c.s. person said that as far as she knew if something wasn't listed then it wasn't in there.

    I'm confused.!

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    Re: Nutritional Labels

    I would like to know too. As far as I know, all companies are required to fully fill up their nutritional labels.
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      Re: Nutritional Labels

      I don't even know if they list ALL ingredients on their packaging.

      As far as what's listed under nutrition facts, its usually fat, carbs, sugar, sodium and protein. The only thing that helps us is the sodium and protein amounts. I too wish they were required to list the potassium and phosphorus amounts. That would help us trumendously.

      I have noticed that tea will list how much potassium is in a tea bag (about 20mg) and some juices, like ocean spray will also list it.


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        Re: Nutritional Labels

        The companies list what the US government tell them they have to list. There is a standard for what they must analyze and disclose on their label. And ddarling is correct -- they do not tell you everything that is in there, this is controlled by the government as well and the government says they don't have to tell you. For example, meat and vegetables are both treated with different gasses to make them last longer and/or make them appear fresh (meat). This gas is not disclosed on the label but you are consuming it non the less. On that note, you are consuming tons of antibiotics (nowadays typically only in the US as most other countries have halted giving meat antibiotics except in the case of illness) when you eat US meat. Every variety of meat raised or shipped and sold in the US is given antibiotics as a regular course of being raised. They feed a constant supply of antibiotics to them and it does come through in your meat. (You can of course purchase beef, pork, chicken, lamb etc from free-range farmers that are not pumped full of antibiotics, pesticides, growth hormones etc) If you don't like it call the FDA and tell them about it. It wouldn't hurt to tell your congressman as well.

        I have found a few products that list potassium and phosphorus. I have emailed several companies asking for the information as well. Amy's Organic foods has the potassium and phosphorus on some of their products. <-- is an excellent tool to see what is in food. They even have a lot of processed/pre-prepared foods on there as well. I have to say though that the preservatives, pesticides high, fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils found in pre-prepared foods will kill you in the end or at a bare minimum make you wish you were dead. If you regularly eat these things you might as well consume the potassium and phosphorus.

        Did someone ask for my opinion? ......laugh..... Sorry if I sound harsh but all these things are fact and need to be told. Please do yourself a favor and research them for yourself. Have a great day!