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  • Is there an app?

    I'm new to this site, with stage 3b CKD GFR 41. The kidney specialist I've just been to said I really don't need to make changes to my diet other than watch my sodium. I find that hard to believe! He was very little help. I really love this site and all of the helpful info! I'm going to use the Diet Helper, but wondered if there is also an app available.Does anyone know if there is a similar tracker available as an app? I haven't found any that include Phosphorus, but otherwise would work. I can use this web version, but would really like to use an app. Thanks for anyone's suggestions! ~~ Linnea

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    With a GFR of 41, you don't really need to watch your diet (aside from sodium). Trust your doctor; he knows more than you do.

    As ;long as you still have significant kidney function (above probably GFR 20), any special kidney diet will have little to no effect. Limiting certain foods will do nothing to extend your kidney function. If your GFR gets very low (15 or so), then a low-protein diet might help to stave off dialysis for a while. Diets for those ON dialysis require extra protein, which also would not be ideal for you. If your potassium and phosphorus levels are good, there is no need for a special diet at this time, aside from maybe avoiding huge intakes of protein (like 1 lb.+ steaks...)