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    My question is regarding the purified drinking water.  I noticed today that it contains potassium bicarbonate and potassium chloride along with magnesium sulfate.  Should I be concerned and stop drinking it? If yes, what bottled water is suitable for a kidney patient like me?  Please advise. 

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    I use spring water. Nothing is added that I know of. Potassium and Phosphorus is also added to One a Day gummy vitamins which I just found out today.


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      You must be new to dialysis. The amount of potassium they added is minuscule. Just because the word "potassium" or "phosphorous" is in the ingredients doesn't make it forbidden.


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        I would be more concerned about fluoride. Many bottled waters, including those labelled "spring water" contain fluoride. Without being able to remove it from your body, and with it already existing in so many processed foods today (cereals, fast foods, etc) - you don't want to be drinking it if you can help it IMO


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          Does anyone know if "distilled water" have less potassium/phosphorus?


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            Distilled water has all the minerals removed so the potassium and phosphorus count is zero. Tap water and some bottled waters have small amounts of sodium, potassium and calcium. I looked up tap water, spring water, well water Perrier, Evian and Dasani, For 1 cup the sodium ranges from 2 to 12 mg; potassium ranges, potassium 0 to 2 mg, phosphorus 0 mg and calcium 0 to 7 mg except Perrier mineral water which has 33 mg calcium.