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Cooking potatoes for stage 4

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  • Cooking potatoes for stage 4

    I live with my brother in law who has stage 4 kidney failure and has been on dialysis for 11 years now. He keeps insisting when cooking potatoes you have to boil them FOUR times. Or soak them in water for 24 hours but change the water every 4 hours. And everything I've been reading doesn't even come close to what he is saying. Please help me clarify this?

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    Hi MarieCR1986,
    The research on potassium removal in potatoes recommends double boiling or soaking in room temperature or warm water for 2-4 hours to remove about half the potassium. I am unaware of additional research that shows an advantage to additional boiling or soaking. However my guess is this additional processing will remove even more potassium. See the article "Lowering Potassium in Potatoes".


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      RDSara soaking the potatoes overnight in the refrigerator will do just fine, just make sure they are completely covered with water, or the ones not covered will turn black.


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        Hello. I can understand that cooking for someone with an illness can be a burden. Really, the best thing to do is not to eat potatoes at all. All of the extra effort is to remove potassium. The last thing you want to do is argue over anything, as this will increase blood pressure and be hard on the kidney. If he wants you to do it four times - due it five, just so you guys can have a laugh. Heck, do it 12 it together...or skip the potatoes, and skip the fight. Life is short. Sometimes we get caught up on the petty things...or the small things. Those are the things that quickly break us. Trying to keep it light and ignore the little things and laugh may help with the relationship. Keep in mind that he is just not feeling good. No one is happy when they are not feeling good. Everyone tries to keep a good face - but it's hard just to get up most days for someone at his stage.