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  • Having repeat creatinine..

    My creatinine a week ago was 1.4 GFR 37. My doctor ordered a repeat serum creatinine, He said to keep hydrated with water but didn't mention fasting this time. I read online the way to prepare for creatinine is to fast for 10 hours, don't do any strenuous exercise for 2 days prior to the test, don't eat meat the day before the test, and no coffee or tea the morning of, but drink plenty of water. Does that sound right to you guys? For sure I was dehydrated for the test last week. I drank no water for at least 18 hours prior to labs being drawn and drank about 5 cups of coffee. Maybe that's why the creatinine was higher than my usual 1.0 and the GRF was out of my normal range of 50-55. Wondering if anyone has any additional advise? I'm having the repeat test on Monday and I'm so nervous!

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    That doesn't sound right. I have had labs done every three months and was never told to fast. I am stage 3b. Just eat normally so you get an accurate reading. Don't drink more water than usual before you go either because that will change your test. But still drink plenty of water the rest of the time. You might want to stay away from the caffeine the morning of because of it's dehydrating effects. Definitely not 5 cups. But if you are wondering call your doctors office and ask.(probably no time to do that I guess) That's the only sure way of making sure of what they want. My GFR did the same thing. GFR 55 down to 37 in about 6 months. Now it is a little more stable at 37. I hope it comes out better than before. Take Care


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      I was told to fast for the lab test on the 13th because there were other tests included that required it. Oops, the info I read online actually stated fasting wasn't necessary for a creatinine test alone. But stated no red meat and no strenuous exercise the day or two prior to the test. Also mentioned some medications can interfer with results. Advised to continue drinking water like you said. Thank you for the info and best wishes