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Potassium and Water?

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  • Potassium and Water?


    I am new to this site. I am trying to find out if purified/distilled bottled water is bad for renal failure patients. I have had my kidney transplant for 30+ years and I am in stage 4 renal failure. There was no internet 30 years ago for me to do such research. My potassium level is 6 and I am on very low potassium diet at this time. Can anyone offer any advice or tell me how to get the info what kind of water I should be drinking. Thanks in advance for your input.

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    Hi Bonnie. I am attaching a web site for the USDA food database which can help you with many of your food potassium questions. It is: I just checked it briefly for "water" and it lists 16 different types (tap, bottled etc.) just on the first page. It appears there are over 30 pages of information - some of it does not apply just to water but to other things that might have water in it. It will give you the potassium levels based on how many ounces you put in. My husband's potassium levels have been high because he is a Vegan so we are leaching some of his vegetables (like carrots) and we watch his potassium levels like hawks.


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      ive been drinking ice moutain pure spring water and sense i have my potassium been great we alse peel and dice potoatoes 2 days b4 we want to use them and soak and change the water several times that really seems to help


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        I found this in the internet when I'm searching for right diet for people have renal problem. I hope that it can also help you.


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          Most popular brands of bottled water called 'Purified" have added potassium. Since I stopped drinking Purified and switched to Spring or Mountain Spring water, my potassium levels have returned to normal. Read all food/water labels.


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            Thanks a bunch this is very helpful