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Potassium levels in foods

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  • Potassium levels in foods

    I have slightly elevated potassium levels (5.4) and am new to the DaVita website. I have been using the Planner and some of the recipes. Can someone tell me out of the four flours I use in baking which is best with lowest potassium levels per 100g? All purpose flour, Almond flour, Coconut flour and Whole wheat flour. I cannot find the values for these other than the all purpose flour. Same thing with Almond Milk, Cashew milk, Soy milk and Coconut milk. I have tried 2 brands of non dairy desserts but prefer the Cashew, Soy or Almond milk types over the coconut milk version but cannot find the potassium levels for any of these either. I am currently only seeing my General Practitioner and no dietician.
    Thank you for your help.

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    Okay, here is what I do. I go to the Planner and Tracker and click on "add item." Then type in the general term for what you want, such as "milk". It will give a list of various types of milk. I found almond milk has 25 mg of potassium in each ounce; rice milk has 50 mg in each cup (notice different measurements); soy milk has 290 mg in one cup; and Silk Original Cashew Milk has no potassium at all. You can "x" out the list and put in "flour", or whatever you want. Or you can go to the Food Analyzer, also under the Diet Helper heading. As you use the features of the Diet Helper, I think you will find it very useful, as I do. I use it daily. Try putting your own recipes into the My Creations. It will calculate the nutrients for you.


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      Thank you for your insight, marysunshine!

      snyder9786, please let us know if you have any additional questions. It sounds like you haven't met with a renal dietitian yet. If you do decide to meet with one, however, they should be able to help address specific questions based on your individual diet needs.

      Hope you both have a great rest of your week!