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    I am new to this site. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Kidney Disease a few days ago! I also have high Potassium and was put on a low Potassium diet.

    I am trying to follow the diet my Nephrologist gave me however, most of the foods that are OK to eat can cause me to have an obstruction! I have tried calling her office and left a couple of messages but haven't heard back yet. I would like to see a Renal dietician. The Kidney Foundation of Canada advised me to that as well.

    Would love any suggestions!💕

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    Hi rockybuddy - welcome to myDaVita! Do you have any questions around the tools and resources offered here yet?

    It sounds like a great idea to meet with a renal dietitian. Everyone's diet needs vary depending on specific circumstances so a dietitian will be able to address any questions you have and answer them based on your personal needs.

    Have a great week!