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    I am new to dialysis (3 plus months in), but not to kidney disease. Currently not on a binder, but looks likes it's heading that way.
    I have been trying to control with diet alone. Getting tested again in 2 weeks.
    Can anyone share if they are not on a phosphorus binder and what your levels are?
    Or if you are on one, how many do you take? I know it's personalized, but this is the only level out of whack.
    Thanks all,

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    Greetings skootch21, welcome to the forum. ah, phosphorus....such a tricky thing. it's in nearly everything one eats, especially meats and dairy. I avoided binders for 8 years, but lost the battle recently. . Now I chew 500 mg with every meal and its still a struggle to get the numbers down. ps/ if you don't have insurance, the binders are VERY expensive . this month's labs were not good for me, so I need to start reading the ingredients in the food I eat because just giving up milk seems to not be very effective. if you have been referred to a dietitian, they can help. good luck!


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      M husband is on binders and they can be expensive. A medical professional steered us to Hillestad Pharmaceuticals, Inc, 1788 US HY 51 North, Woodruff, WI 54568-9501 -- -- 866-358-9773 or FAX 715-358-9778. I order 500 HP45V Calcium Acetate Tablets for $39.95 + shipping ($4.00). We were told these act the same as those you can get from a pharmacy in your area. My husband's phosphorus levels are the same on these as they were on the ones we paid more than double for at our local pharmacy. They accept all major credit cards. Good luck.


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        I take 5 (800mg/ea) Renvela tablets with each meal. I'll pop an extra one if I'm eating something on the "no-no" list (cheese, beans, etc). I haven't had any problems, yet. I make sure to carry some in my purse for when I dine out. They have made a difference in my labs. Not fun swallowing those horse pills, but then.....