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Do my dad have serious kidney problem?

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  • Do my dad have serious kidney problem?

    My dad got retired 7 years ago and he almost fit but during his job he had several accident. Around 4 year ago he come to know he is also a diabetes patient. On 2013 on his birthday, he also got one heart attack from where i come to know his creatinine is increasing which came 1.2 at that time

    On his latest test he got creatinine 1.2 which is fluctuating 1.8 to 2.0 from

    On 2006 his creatinine was 0.4.

    He is not serious for this. Right now his sugar level also uncontrolled. He is 6 feet tall man with body weight of 92 Kg.

    Currently not taking any medicine.

    What i can expect in future?

    what stage he is on?

    I can upload his report and post online if you want to take a look.

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    Manrock111, I get the sense that English may not be your first language. Are you outside of USA and if so, where??? I am not a doctor, but I have learned a great deal about medicine due to my career and in learning about my ESRD (kidney disease). I may be able to share some info that would help you, but please provide a bit more info...Thanks