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  • Question on Lab work

    I have a few questions on my lab values.
    First off in March of this year my GFR was 67 with a Creatinine Serum of 1.42 and a MicroAlbumin of 1247.2.
    I was scheduled to see a Nephrologist. The appointment wait time was almost 8 weeks. I called the Dr right before the appointment to confirm the address and they informed me that they 'forgot' to put my appointment into their system and now I have to wait until June 3rd to see the Dr. However I did get bloodwork done this past Monday in which I got a copy of.
    On this new bloodwork which is almost two months later my GFR is now 82 and my Creatinine is now 1.20
    - I have lost almost 40lbs in the last 3 months. At the time I was diagnosed with CKD a few months back I was also diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes... So I really started to try and loose the weight.
    Is this possible? A jump of that much in my GFR????

    Also on this last blood work the Nephrologist did an ANA test which came back positive. What in the world does that mean??
    Also he did a C3 and C4 Serum.
    C3 - 185 (High) Normal lab (90-180)
    C4 - 47 (High) Normal lab (9-36)
    Also Creatinine, Urine - 381 - Normal (24-392)
    Protein, Total, Urine - 16.7 (High) - Normal (15.0)
    Protein/Creat Ratio - 44 - Normal (0-200)

    I called the nephrologist just now to see when I was rescheduled and that's when I found out June 3rd. The receptionist said the Dr wants me to redo my labs to check on the ANA to see if it was a 'false positive'.... I'm confused. What exactly does a positive ANA test mean and those High C3 and C4s and of course, can my kidney function actually improve like the numbers say!?!


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    Anyone have input??