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  • Extremely High MicroAlbumin

    Hi everyone. I am a first time poster and have found out just in the last few weeks I am stage 3 CKD.
    I am going to post a thread I posted in another forum, but never got a response after about 2 weeks. Maybe someone can help me... I'll add a little more info at the bottom after I copy and past from my other thread on the other website. Since then I have found out more and have been researching like crazy:

    So I'm 28 years old, but apparently I was told today my Kidneys are functioning like a 60 year old.

    I went to the dr not feeling well with Edema in my hands and feet *my hands are STILL swollen* about a months ago.
    Feet swelled up and hands.
    Doctor had me run bloodwork.
    I am 350lbs.
    Here's what I was told today.

    I have very low Vitamin D
    Vitamin D - 5.0 mL (30-100 is normal range)
    I am to start a medication for this.

    Fasting sugar was 109
    Hemoglobin A1c was 6.8% (normal range is is below 5.6)
    I was officially welcomed to the world of being Type 2 diabetes

    TSH - 81.200 mL (range .450-4.500 is normal range)
    T4 - .12 dL (.82-1.77 is normal range) I am severely low.

    Triglycerides 226 dL (normal range 0-149)
    HDL - 45 (>39 is Normal)
    LDL - 268 dL (0-99 is normal)

    So I found out all of the above information in one sitting,
    I have a low thyroid, I am now type 2 diabetic, my vitamin D is horribly low, I have HIGH bad cholesterol. All other vitals normal, blood pressure and what not.

    Now for the tittle of my thread.
    Like I mentioned earlier I was told I have Kidney disease (oh and a fatty liver disease, I have to get an ultra-sound this monday on my abdomen)

    Microalbumin, Urine 1247.2 ug/mL (normal range is 0.0-17.0)
    I have to see a Kidney specialist in the next two weeks.

    I have been trying my hardest the last month to loose weight (been somewhat successful) - I put myself on nutrisystem to help with meal controls and such. I have lost some weight.

    But with all that I found out today, especially with my Kidneys, what should I expect from this? I'm completely terrified of going to the specialist and him saying something along the lines of 'Dialysis or cancer' or I just don't know. It was a lot to take in in one sitting. And now being type 2... Sorry I was lookin for insight and needed to vent as well.

    EDITl: Also just realized that Dr. wrote "stage 3 chronic renal diz" at bottom of page in pen......"

    - Okay since then I have researched a lot of information and I've learned a lot, but I still have MANY questions.
    Today the Nephrologist called and scheduled my appointment for MAY 20TH (35 days away!!!) I wish it was tomorrow or a little sooner, because I'm only scared and confused still.
    My sonogram came back "okay". Kidneys looked good is what my dr said, and I do have fatty liver disease.

    I'm just scared of what CAN happen in over a months time without any kind of treatment... I'm still swollen in my hands which hurts. My legs at times feel like I'm wearing stalkings or something... I'm trying to stay positive and stay on my Nutrisystem diet... But I don't want to be doing damage in the meantime until I talk to the specialist.

    Oh and also, they but me on a few meds
    One for low thyroid, one for vitamin D, and another for blood pressure *which is not high, but it's supposed to 'protect' my kidneys" the doctor said.

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    I'm sorry that no-one has answered you yet. I would recommend getting in to see a Registered Dietitian that specializes in renal diets if you have not done so already. I see that this was posted in April of last year, hope you are feeling better soon.


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      Sylver, I hope that you come back and let us know how you are doing--I am sure you know this without me saying it but I will since I also was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes around your age (I am 60 now.) Several of your problems can be reversed if you lose weight--6.8 A1C is not horrible--decent control is considered 6.0 and under for diabetics, sometimes just losing weight can lower blood sugar. I wonder if you have considered gastric bypass? You are only 28 and just at the start of your life, a wise person once told me that I was "letting life pass me by" (I weighed 200+ pounds at the time and was clearly depressed.) I was insulted at the time but she was right. I don't know if you are a man or woman, but obese women are at greater risk for uterine cancer (I know, I got it) so this is another good reason to get that weight off when young. Get out into the sunshine--this is where most of us get our vitamin D. Just taking charge of your health will improve everything even your kidney disease will improve. I hope that you won't take offense at my post--but I have been were you are and am suffering some of the consequences now that I am old, including kidney issues.