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Is GFR level different for an 88 yr. old woman?

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  • Is GFR level different for an 88 yr. old woman?

    I am a caretaker for my mother who is 88 yrs. old. Six months ago, her GFR was 52, with Creatinine at 1.20. Her latest tests, six months later are: GFR 42, and Creatinine is 1.21. We see her geriatric care physician soon, with some new blood test results. The new blood work will have much more information, as I requested a more detailed work up on her. Are the elderly different when it comes to physicians interpreting their test results for KD? She has not been formally diagnosed with KD yet. I am thinking she may be referred to a nephrologist after the visit with the geriatric care physician. TY
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    Kidney function naturally declines with age. I'm certain your 88 year old mother does not possess the same physical capabilities that she had in her 40's, 50's and 60's owed to the natural decline of bones, muscles, tendons, eyesight, hearing, and the like. Chances are the decline in GFR and creatinine can be attributed to a combination of laboratory error, her state of hydration at the time of the blood test, age. Loss of kidney function owed to advanced age does not necessarily suggest kidney disease.