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Albumin levels off/painful edema in both feet

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  • Albumin levels off/painful edema in both feet

    My husband is in the end stages of renal failure and awaiting kidney donation/transplant. He has had multiple problems with C Dif (inflammation of the bowels) and still on strong antibiotics for 3 more weeks. He has had multiple problems, since being diagnosed with renal failure, gout (also in the feet) that have landed him in the hospital. The doctors say his Albumin levels are all screwed up, his potassium and his magnesium levels are low. Now he is having troubles with painful edema in his feet.

    The doctors keep telling him to eat more protein but won't tell him how much protein to have. We are doing our best to get as much protein as we can into his system; however, my question is does anyone have any advice as to what we can also do to adjust his Albumin and help with the edema? Also any help in what we can do about more protein would be greatly appreciated.

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    Try using added protein powders in foods you cook, or mixed in vegetables or salads. Eat chicken, eggs, other protein sources 3 times daily.


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      The dietician at the center told me yesterday to eat 6-10 oz. of protein a day. I am nowhere near this since I still have a hard time with red meat.
      She told me a few weeks ago to eat two eggs a day. She also suggested yesterday to eat a Zone Bar each day or drink one protein drink to at least get me up to 6 oz. If I want better numbers for white and red blood cells and the outside of the cells to form, I have to eat protein. It will also give me energy. Hope this helps.


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        I eat fish and seafood that brings my protein up really quick.....Check with your dietician and see what they say about fish! Hope this helps!


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          Not sure where to post this; so trying here. My protein stays at 3.3 or 3.4. I eat lots of protein but does not help. Nutritionist suggested IDPN during dialysis. Protein solution given during dialysis. Has anyone had this. And if so how did you tolerate it. Any side effects? Any information would be appreciated.


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            I'm unaware of IDPN, but I do experience just below acceptable Albumin levels periodically through the year.

            My March labs featured a 4.2 level, which during the week preceding the lab draw found me in Kansas City, MO on a week long business trip and eating all manner of smoked barbeque meats and high end grass fed aged beef.

            My April labs featured a 3.9 level, which during the week preceding the lab draw found me at home and eating a mix of salads, vegetables and a reasonable amount of protein. The leftovers from these meals came up short on the protein (meat) and I ended up eating mostly vegetables for the day after lunches.

            I wasn't surprised with the 3.9 Albumin level, but I'll still get chided by my HHD dietician when she sees me during my late April clinic. The difference in lab values can almost be attributed to analysis error, but that still won't change my dietician's demi-rant. All my other numbers are stellar owed to the use of nocturnal HHD treatments prior to the day of the lab draw.

            It bugs me that I've got to load up on the red meat or other protein in advance of the my labs so I can assure that my Albumin levels hit 4.0 or above. I'd love to have some alternatives that work.


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              Try QUESTBARS, there is 20 protiens in each bar and no sugar (if your diabetic). Taste great & a wonderful source of protien. Feel better soon! Cat


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                My husband received protein in his dialysis solution, he does pd dialysis. no side effects.


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                  He starts his IDPN therapy today. Thank you for your feedback. Hoping he also does not experience any side effects and it will be successful. His last albumin level was 3.1. He eats lots of eggs, beef and fish but his body just is not storing the protein.


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                    I pounded Quest bars for the better part of a week before drawing my monthly labs, which followed several days of nocturnal HHD treatments, and managed to drive my Albumin up from a two month 3.9 to "acceptable" 4.0.

                    I bought the Vanilla Almond Crunch, and found them just palatable. If it weren't for the 20 grams of protein, I might not have been up to the task. I eat well, with lots of dietary flexibility with my HHD regimen pushing nocturnal Tx's when I'm prepping for labs to draw my Phosphorus and Potassium levels down, usually below the half way point on the low side of acceptable. This month was no exception. The 20+ hours of dialysis in the 3 days up to and including the one from which my labs are drawn with the nocturnal treatments might be sucking my Albumin levels down along with my other nutrutional levels. It's all good, with my dietician and other HHD profesionals virtually bowing at my feet during each monthly clinic as the model HHD patient.