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  • Understanding lab values

    What do the following results on CBC with Differential/Platelet blood test between Red Blood Count (flagged high), Hemoglobin (flagged high), Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (flagged low) and Mean Corpuscular HGB CONC (flagged low) indicate if anything? What does Potassium (flagged high) indicate if anything? What do MONO% (flagged high) and BASO% (flagged low) indicate? My eGFR is 56 down from 71 three months ago. Thank you for helping me understand these test results and what I might expect in the future. I was to have a kidney biopsy but have refused to have it preferring to wait and see if this just goes away.

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    part of it - your high potassium values indicates K is concentrating in your blood and the kidneys are not clearing (some blood pressure meds, ie Lisonpril) can concentrate K). your lower GFR shows a continuing loss of kidney function. get the biopsy - it may identify what type of CKD you have and if it is treatable.