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  • Creatinine

    I have had a Kidney Disease for 44 years now. It showed up when i was carrying my first child...My question is for years my creat stayed at 1.5. About 8 years ago it creeped up into the 2.5 area and jumps around like a jumping bean..It will go from 2.4 to 2.8 to 3.2 the highest it has ever been and then it came back down to 2.4. Today my labs came back and it was 2.78..What's weird is that all my other labs are normal and always have been..Hgb 14.2 bun, 30, kt 4.4 and so on..When will he start me on Dialysis asking him scares the hell out of me...I'm 62. I know i should be grateful to have gotten this far, but everyone deserves a full life...I have DR Michael Somermeyer for my Nephrologist...TY